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University of Alaska Fairbanks—August 2016

M.S.—Fisheries: School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences and Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit, Advisors: Dr. Peter Westley and Dr. Jeffrey Falke

University of Montana—May 2013

Double Major : B.S.—Wildlife Biology (Aquatic), B.A.—Journalism (Print)

Graduated with High Honors in both degrees; University Scholar in the Davidson Honors College

Teaching (TAs)

BIOL 5821 (Ecological Statistics)Purdue University, 2018

FISH/BIOL 427 (Ichthyology)University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2016

Created Teaching Materials (R Markdown)


Intro to ggplot2

       made with introduction to GLMs in mind

I was raised in Tenino, Washington where he grew up on the banks of the Deschutes River, a small south Puget Sound watershed. It was there, with net and bucket in hand I developed his early love of aquatic life.  After graduating high school, I moved to Montana where I pursued two degrees, one in Wildlife Biology and one in Journalism at the University of Montana.  

On top of my studies at UM, I worked on an undergraduate research project investigating the effect of whirling disease on salmonid assemblages in the Blackfoot River, Montana.  Apart from education,  I have worked in a variety of fisheries jobs, which have taken me to Alaska, Montana, Oregon, and finally back to Washington.  At UAF, my research focused on how climate change will affect early life stage development of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon. Now at Purdue, I investigate the contemporary evolution of pink salmon introduced into the Great Lakes using a variety of genomic and bioinformatic tools.


In my free time, I enjoy being outside with my family, usually hiking, fishing, or hunting. I am passionate about cooking, especially using harvested ingredients.

BS Thesis2013

Is whirling disease driving salmonid community shifts in tributaries of the Blackfoot River, Montana?

Research & Teaching


MS Thesis2016

Climate, embryonic development, and potential for adaptation to warming water temperatures by Bristol Bay sockeye salmon. 

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